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10 Day Free Trial

Upon first run of any DHN program, the system will ask you if you are an existing DHN customer. To begin your 10 day trial, enter “n” (no). After you fill in your information and create master and standard password, your trial period will begin.

You will only need to do this once even if you decide to trial another DHN product.
1. To extract the dowloaded archive, open a terminal and navigate to directory that contains it (probably, ~/Downloads, but could be elsewhere)

Type: tar -xzvf <archive>.tar.gz (substituting the archive name for "<archive>")
(This step may have been done automatically by your operating system.)

If your version of Linux does not accept the "z" option to include unzipping, do the following:
gunzip <archive>.tar.gz
tar -xvf <archive>.tar

2. Change into the newly created directory ("Nlx_MED_Acq", "read_MED", "NRD2MED", "CSC2MED", or "DHN_License_Tool"):

Type: ./

The script may prompt for your root or sudo password to complete installation.

Download as TXT File


CSC2MED converts Neuralynx continuously sampled channels (CSC) files to MED files.


NRD2MED converts Neuralynx raw data (NRD) files to MED files.

read_MED 1.0

read_MED is a Matlab software suite for reading & viewing MED files.

Nlx_MED_Acq 1.0

Nlx_MED_Acq aquires MED files from Neuralynx Atlas & Digital Lynx systems.

DHN_License_Tool 1.0

DHN_License_Tool facilitates user interaction with the DHN License Server for license management operations.


MED2RAW converts MED channel data to individual files of binary 4-byte integers. Aside from it’s basic utility, MED2RAW is intended as demonstration code for users interested in using the open source library on

Order MED Base Compression Software

MED Base - your foundation for low-cost networked processing
and secure, protected collaboration.

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