Are you drowning in data, filling up servers, and swapping data drives -
instead of focusing on your research?
Do you want to share all raw data sets with collaborators -
with multi-level encryption and access?

MED Base Compression Software

Increase Your Data Storage Capacity by up to 2000%
and Share Compressed, Encrypted Data Files via the Cloud

save on your server space and costs
increase your analysis speed
2 levels of data encryption: raw and patient

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MED Acquisition Workstation

An Intel Xeon HP-Z2 mini workstation running Ubuntu Linux Operating System. 32 GBytes of RAM, 250 GB M.2 (SSD) system disk and 2 TeraBytes of SSD disk for data.

For ATLAS Users: A small form factor workstation, the HP-Z2 may be placed on the ATLAS Cart. Includes a KVM switch to share ATLAS keyboard and mouse, and an Ethernet Fiber-to-Copper media converter for the ATLAS Second Port data stream.

Required for use with MED Base. Sold separately.

MED Base Package
  • MED real-time acquisition software
  • Neuralynx NRD, NCS, and NEV file converters
  • MATLAB Import library
  • MATLAB code for Viewer, reading and plotting MED data
  • C language API for reading MED Files and Structures
  • MED Viewer
  • User Manual
Computation Environment
  • Required for MED acquisition: HP-Z2 with Linux.
  • NAS or SAN storage server (recommended)
  • Linux or Mac computer for file conversion and data analysis
  • MATLAB for data analysis (recommended)

Multiscale Electrophysiology Data (MED)
Acquisition and Compression Software

With the highest compression for electrophysiology data, MED Base receives real-time data directly from your Neuralynx Digital Lynx SX or ATLAS system - providing you with an “out of the box” big data neurophysiology acquisition, storage and analysis environment.
With much smaller files and two-level encryption, sharing data with collaborators is now simple and effective. The two levels of secure AES128 encryption of both recorded data and subject information allows selective access control between collaborators. Clinical data can now be used for research - without the need to explicitly create a de-identified copy.
Format and Libraries
Provides 95% lossless data compression for neural data.
  • direct access to time-indexed records - no reading sequentially through files
  • contains two levels of configurable encryption: Patient Information and neural data
    • no de-identification required
  • organized in long-term Sessions and duration-based Segments
  • accesses and reads data in compressed format to decrease data read time
  • uses full µUTC GMT timestamps for all data
Receives, compresses and records Raw Data from the Neuralynx ATLAS/Digital Lynx Second Data Port.
  • +/- 131 mV at 1 µV resolution, DC coupled, unfiltered data from up to 512 channels at 40 kHz
  • option to copy “closed segments” to Server or secondary storage for immediate review and analysis
  • writes highly compressed MED data files to a low cost NAS storage server
    • typically 5% the size of corresponding NRD raw data files
  • keeps ALL data for current and future analysis
  • configuration parameters stored in standard Linux .rc text files
Viewer Program
A basic, multi-trace neural data viewing program for inspection of your files written in MATLAB and distributed as MATLAB source code with compiled reading engine.
Converter Utilities
Read your existing Neuralynx data files (NRD, NCS, NEV) and write lossless compressed data to MED file structures.
MATLAB Import® Utility for Analysis
MED Base decompresses your data and loads it into MATLAB data structures.
  • transfers large data files with low latency
  • run non-interactive tasks in batch mode
File Format Structure

MED Viewer display window with waveforms

The MED Open Source Library provides fully functional code to create, open, read and write MED compressed data files and structures in C for Linux and MacOS. The MED format is fully documented.
MED Base was developed by clinical epilepsy researcher, Matt Stead MD, PhD,
specifically for the collection, analysis and sharing of continuous, long term big data.

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MED Base - your foundation for low-cost networked processing
and secure, protected collaboration.

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Neuralynx, Inc. is a distributor of Dark Horse Neuro, Inc. products.

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